An Ocean View

Hi everyone, here is a WIP of “An Ocean View”.
Hope you enjoy it; I’ll appreciate any advices to make it better.

You asked :evilgrin:

In general, it’s a nice composition.

  1. Grass definitely needs serious work. Check for tutorials
  2. The rock texture is stretched ( bottom center )
  3. The light tower is leaning.

and my personal ( highly subjective ) preference is to skip the flares.

I agree with 3 points; to be honest, I’ve to review the lower right corner of the image.
If you know some good grass tutorial, I’ll be very happy.

About the lighthouse… It’s simply the Pisa’s Lighthouse :smiley: (No, really, there is a while I say to myself: “I must correct this”)

Thanks, jeffiek :slight_smile:

I suggest you boost the brightness of the sun. Brightly sunlit scenes like this have a lot of contrast.

Compositor modified sky and working on a new design of the center cliff.
I skip the grass for the moment.

Sorry for noise; I let only 50 passes in order to safe time.