An odd wobble to my animation

Hullo folks.

Well thanks to Modron, Greybeard and some others I have a simple model textured and ready to go.

So Im animating and Im almost done. However I seem to have developed an odd wobble.
The entire animation simply has the object do a 360 degree rotation, pause, and then rotate the opposite direction again.
Well right there at the pause I have this odd wobble on the x axis where the object pauses. I wanted the object to rotate slightly “up” on the x axis but not “wobble” there.
I checked the IPO editer and have duplicated the key where I want the x axis rotation to start, moved it 30 frames ahead (a full second pause @30fps) and planted it there thinking that would take care of the wobble.
Nope. Its still there.

Any idea??

Would have to see the blend file to see what is going on here.

Id love to post it but I dont have an FTP site to upload to.

Grrrrr…nevermind. I got it. LMAO