an office desk

heres an ffice desk im making

any C&C welcome

BTW: thats me in the picture frame :slight_smile:

turn osa on, and setsmooth on the desk

I don’t think he needs to setsmooth on the desk.
thats just a really bad texture. (I think)

Always always always turn on OSA. Always i mean it, always everybody, always turn on OSA.

Dont leave it off, always turn it on. OSA that is. Always turn it on.

Always always always turn on OSA. Always i mean it, always everybody, always turn on OSA.

Dont leave it off, always turn it on. OSA that is. Always turn it on.

Unless of course you are running off several hundred frames of an animation just to test lighiting, movement. etc. :smiley: Otherwise yes, always turn it on!

You shouldn’t always use OSA. It’s faster to over-render than to turn on OSA when using the raytracer. There is an article here:

For this image, though, it looks like there is no raytracing, so OSA would probably help.
About the desk, it’s pretty good, but the material on the table looks like it is an extremely stretched image. It might be better to try the Blender procedurals for wood. Also, you could make a really simple background by just putting a wall with maybe another picture or a poster. The blue background looks a little silly.

Anyway, have fun :slight_smile: .

Which way does the stapler staple? As everyone before me already said, turn on OSA. A single button makes the picture look a whole lot better. Also, try to find a better wood texture; it’s way too stretched, I think. As syrux said, you should also put a wall in front of the desk. The stack of papers doesn’t seem to be casting shadows, nor does the picture frame. I also think the lamp’s “neck” is too thick.

This has good potential, though.

here i made it little better OSA still off but i dont have any better textures

here it is with autosmooth on the desk and OSA set to 8

ps the photo on the wall is my mom

You mean photo on the desk? I am confused :smiley:


the photo on the desk (the one in the frame) is me

the photo on the wall (not in a frame with two thumbtacks in it ) is my mom

ok here it is with a better desk texture and lighting and i added a pencil and a picture and rendered it with OSA set to 11

also the desk and walls have NOR mapping set on

Has improved a lot since your first image, the reflections look a bit wavy for the wood.

the waviness is because i used bumb mapping

any way here is another render it has OSA turned up to 16 and some other tweaks

BTW that is my dad in the picture on the wall that has a dog in it (its also my dog in the PIC) and the small kids in the other picture were just in the program i use for textures

ok i tried to fix the pencil

You know, you could just Edit your post if no one has replied…

Spec on the table is too strong. It also doesn’t look grainy enough; you should add a Noise texture (or a Clouds texture with a really low NoiseSize) and have it affect the Normals and Color a bit.

Okay, the shadows on the thumbtacks just look weird. The only visible light sorce in the scene is the lamp. Therefore, the shadows should be going away from it; they are going downwards. Same goes for the photos on the wall. Might want to fix those.

Each individual piece of paper looks about a centimeter thick…

It’s much better than your first image though!

well all the paper/photos are just single planes and i have two sun lamps above the scene (simulating office fleurescent lights) however i think im about done im pretty happy about the render (except the desklamp the “neck” is kinda big). also i like how it exudes sort of a cartoony feel

(the reflection of the lamp on the desk looks weird because i had to fake the lighting on the lamp with two different materials

do you think i should change the material on the wall and make it a little more like stucci? or just have the same material and sharpen it??

any way thanks for the nice comments and crits and help on this project