An old but nice adventure

as i was watching on youtube , japan china indonisa tsuname
i stumbled upon this !!!

it was really amazing

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That’s pretty sweet.

yeah it is !!!
i always wanted to do this experment, but it sounds very expensev !!!

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yeah out of my budget that’s for sure.

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yeah thats true !!!

Closest I will get is as high as my drone lets me before it limits out due to restrictions. :wink:

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what kind of restrictions !!!
wher i live drones are band by the govermnment!!

I have to contact the airport tower and get permission and allowed access for a set time and location that I will be flying it and at what altitudes I will be flying it. Once they give me a go ahead then I am clear and legally allowed to fly it. Most any flight under 200 feet they just brush off unless you are directly in the area of the take off and landing locations of the runway of the airport. The DJI app itself also will lock out and also give warnings on restrictions where you are at the time as well.

1 Like there is some info at least for here in the states. At the bottom of the page it mentions about the cost. It is actually a lot cheaper than I initially thought to send up a balloon.

ok do you live next to an airport ???
our airport tower wont even look to us if we tryd to contact to thim,
thy feel like if thy are kings or something !!!

Yeah I live in Florida so there is a lot of recreational civilian project planes and small planes plus a large commercial airport less than 20 miles away. So almost any time of day there is an airplane overhead. Not to mention you are not supposed to fly them within 3 miles of any heliports/pads either so any hospital, firestation,police station that has helipad landing you can’t fly near those either.

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To give you an idea. I am the red thumbtack

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thats some stuffs you have out there !!!
amaizng !!!

Yeah, one big tourist attraction. Well unless it is hurricane season.

There is the guide to us USA drone fliers.

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oh yeah, that can be really rugh
if ther is something i really wish to see on florida ? it would be the swamp

oh thats sound nice !!!

Yeah the Everglades and the Babcock Ranch are awesome. Babcock ranch has now a fully functional solar community. All power is fed to it by solar panels. Plus there is a full blown working and thriving ranch. Only thing to watch out for are the gators and pythons.

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wow how do you know all this stuffs ?!!!
unless your working thire

i remember back some years ago, one persone wanted to start a solar system where i live,
the government band it , and stoped his acivitis ,
now solar powers things arent legel !!! more like weapons !!!