an old clip

(stephen2002) #1

Having a problem viewing the video, see post below.

Now that I have a place to upload all of my animations, I am slowly going to put up some of the better ones. Here is an animation from about a year ago (done on Blender v1.8) that is going to be used as the introduction to a play entitled “The Children’s Tower”

DivX 5, 3 min, 2.4MB

Let me know what you think of it. Depending on how long you have been with the community, you may remember that pictures from this video were the first thing that I ever posted in the “I made this” on the old Blender site.

(LohnS) #2

sry but the PC’s at school are really bad, thats where i am at the moment, but when i get home i’ll check it out.

(S68) #3

Why it is all black?


(stephen2002) #4

S68: your player must be messed up or you do not have the DivX 5 codec. It is not all black on my computer (WinXP with Media Player 8)

(stephen2002) #5

If you have a problem viewing the video, PLEASE tell me what player you are using, your OS, and if you have the DivX 5 codec. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Maby I will use another codec.

Again, PLEASE let me know. If I am not aware of a problem, I can’t find a solution.

(BgDM) #6

stephen2002 - I get nothing but a black screen. I am using Win XP Pro and I have DiX5.

This was the same problem with your intrigue anim as posted on CGTalk. As was said there, are you making sure the video gets saved out of Adobe Premiere< (I think that was what you were using).

You should just use VrtuaDub and compress with the codec. Always works for me.


(stephen2002) #7

that is exactly what I did! I saved the video to Indeo using Premier, and compressed it using Virtual Dub. This makes little sence, I can see the video with no problem on my computer.

Oh well, time to try a different format. I don’t know what is wrong.

(IamInnocent) #8

Win '98 and Win2000, MediaPlayer, Divx5 : no major problem.

There’s a lot of pixellisation though, big blocks.
The movement is in accord to the music and really this is the most attractive part.
Alltogether everything is too dark, although I use a high gamma setting on my computer. If there’s nothing to be seen, what’s the interest ?
I like the tower, one that should have all the reasons in the World to lean.
The log cabins are wrong since the logs of one wall should fit between those of the wall they meet.

All in all, a lot of good : so I wish you the best.

(stephen2002) #9

hummm… I don’t get it. Some people have no problem, some people do. Makes little sence. Oh well.

Jeanamontreal: pixellation, can’t help it, it is compressed video :frowning: same with the darkness. Was supposed to be “dim”, but the compression just blended all of the dim areas together into black.

The logs, eh, it was done a long time ago on an old computer (200MHz, 32MB RAM). The noches would have generated more verts…computer would have exploded. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments!