An old game

I posted this on the realtime engine forum as well, but it’s a WIP so it can go here too.

I would like some feedback on a game i started a long time ago called Roller. You can download it here. Tell me what you think.



You really need to be able to change the camera position - it’s very difficult to get a feel for the elevarion of the terrain. I don’t know if this is part of the game, but it was disconcerting to have the marble’s movement influenced by terrain faeatures that are not discernable.
As it is, jumping from platform to platform seems to involve far more luck than skill, at least initailly. I guess that would change with experience.

Hmm… wireframe feels more playable than shaded…

I know you need to be able to rotate the camera, but it’s kind of hard to keep camera relative movement. I think i have a way that would work, but it would be kind of difficult. Thanx for the suggestion