An old watchtower

(sypher7) #1

Hi people. Nothing too fancy here. Ugly static particle systems and such :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think / how I can improve it. I’m trying to get the hang of modelling different kinds of buildings and I thought I’d start with something simple.

here’s a slightly reworked version:

slightly reworked again: (with a different style ladder)

(pofo) #2

Mmm… nice :), looks like one of them towers for bird watching.

I like the moon, but the glow might be a bit too strong.

(btw how many polys is the tower?, you might consider putting it up in Blenderville: )

  1. pofo

(Ecks) #3

very good but you can work on the texture of the rock… it’s a good idea to put it on blenderville

(sypher7) #4

awesome. that Blenderville thing looks really cool! i’ll have to participate in that :slight_smile:

i just posted a quick revision (see the original message). thank you guys for your feedback. really helps. the rock texture can still be better, but i think it’s improved in the revision.

as for the polycount on the tower, it’s not much. the tower+ladder is maybe like 350-400 polys. and the rocks are just a few more (they are just sub-surf’d cube things – yes that’s the technical term) :slight_smile:

anyhow thanks again for the feedback. if you have any more suggestions please let me know!

(blengine) #5

i really really love the mood that orange sky sets in the smaller thumb pics… i think u should build on that scene IMHO… its looking really good

(sypher7) #6

Yeah I’m working on all the scenes together. If you want to see better pics of the other scenes, here’s some links:

(stephen2002) #7

not bad. The only thing that was odd too me was the size of the rungs on the ladder. They should be much smaller (if the tower is tall) or farther apart (if the tower is really short).

(Detritus) #8

Very cool! Looks like something from the age of wikings. How did yu do that grass? It´s really good!

(pofo) #9

Yes, I agree that the ladder looks a little strange. Perhaps add short ladders between the levels instead?

  1. pofo

(sypher7) #10

hehe I really should have posted this under the wip section. oh well. I altered the ladder some and it looks a lot better I think. not perfect but everyone’s suggestions are helping me look at things closer. thanks! :slight_smile:

Detritus: thanks :slight_smile: the grass was done with some static particles and a linear “blend” texture using the colorband option. i wish i could get a grass plugin to work because static particle systems like that take forever to render and really slow things down.

pofo: that’s a good idea. i editted my original post and added a link to an attempt at that. thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

(dickie) #11

very cool, it reminds of the little prince…