An older but Ok looking project.

I call it paradise isle. Please give feedback. What i should change and what you dont like.:yes:

I think the “Ocean” should be slightly transparent, besides that the ocean looks really good :slight_smile: Maybe a better bump map for the rock, and sorry but I honestly can’t tell at all what that blue thing in the water on the right side is… a dolphin? Whatever it is maybe detail it more so that it may be more recognizable as to whatever it is. I would turn the specularity on the island down A LOT. Besides that I don’t see much of anything else to tweak. Great start :slight_smile:

Thanks. You are totally right about the rock and i am just going to remove the blue things.

I like them!!! :smiley: Look like tentacles of a smurfle fish D: haha


lol i know, random XD