An open-license Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) 3d model, for use in visualizations and games

Hey Guys, I’ve made an open-license Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) 3d model so you can use it as you wish. I’ve uploaded it to several platforms. There is a Highpoly, lowpoly and very lowpoly versions of the virus.
Inside the blend file all the proteins are labeled correctly. There is also a .obj and .fbx for the versions.
It could be used for classes, ad campaings, studies and even mobile games. Use as you wish.
The highpoly render version works in eevee and cycles, and have a controler to show or hide de RNA inside.



Download Links:

GoogleDrive (full project files):

High poly:
Low Poly:
Ultra low poly:

Blend swap:


Well done!

Is it only procedural textures or displacement / sculpting?

Thanks dude!

The Highpoly is only procedural, and the lowpolys are all with baked UVW textures

Heya, interesting… did you use a reference (which) or is it your own artistic design?

Looks like something with a lot of sugar, if they start making donuts like that I’m in lol

Hey there.
I mixed some images and some papers with some 3d viz of the virus. As the original virus feels like a bunch of tapes I used a more scientific illustration approach putting colors and shapes to help visualize the elements of the virus.

please do not put that inside you body, neither the virus or something with THAT amount of sugar. LOL

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Ah, ok - a 2nd iteration of an artistic representation - illustration of an illustration.
Thanks for clarification.

Sort of, the primary images used were all scientif images, and I can assure you that all the proteins and relevant data of the virus are well represented