An Orikish Star Forge with Blender and Python?

I was wondering if this is at all possible in Blender. In short, it is similar to the MASSIVE engine WETA created for Lord of the Rings.

Basically, I want to create an orc. I want to have two sliders, a ‘weapon’ slider, and an ‘armor’ slider. Moving it up and down will change the weapon or armor on the orc. Then, I want to create a Python Script that creates 500 orcs, parents them to that original orc, and gives each orc a random slider value.

But, when animated the orcs, I only want to animate the parent orc. If I did, would the other orcs do the same?

I am quite confused about this, any help clearing it up would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Look for Blender People, we already have that script (nearly) :slight_smile:


Is Blender People the name of the script? If so, I can’t find it anywheres. Looked on here and and couldn’t find it…

Where is it?