An ork thing

Looks interesting so far! The only crit I would have of it so far is that from the side view, it looks as if the character’s balance isn’t quite right. With his feet being so far forward, it looks like if he stood as he is standing in that pose, he would just fall backwards. Other than that, it looks like a good start.


This is one cool character, and it feels that it has a lot of personality! I really was amused with bottom - to - top way of modeling (totally opposite to my way of work). I’ll keep a watch to see where this will go to!

In its very first state, it was just an example for an answer about the particules effects:

Just an example of how to perfectly model a detailed Original Character,
low & high res & in amazingly efficient time.
Yeah nothing to it.:stuck_out_tongue:
jms, you make it look easy, when we all know it is not.
Thanks for sharing this method.

Thanks. But you are right : it is not so easy. The arms must be reworked.