an other inflate one...

hi. still so happy with cycles renderer. this model was inspired on a design by devinplatts:
and as always, Cycles does more than a half of the job!


love her, , your interpretation has more style, somewhat classy :slight_smile:

You’re really really very kind!! i’m affraid that by my side, i do prefer the original, more specific. though, in my work, as i’m so happy and proud, i see again and again “my” style.

looks great! especially the second picture!

This is an amazing (and lovely) model. No critiques, it’s perfect. I like her more than the original image.

Also, some great art on your nicegirlsfanart page! Me likes!

I can see that you share a number of your models… so, nudge, nudge, wink, wink :wink:

Great! I like her very much…I think she could be also a great 3d printed model!

awesome render

Yummy. Desktop material. Great work, great portfolio. Why is this one not in nicegirlsfanart?

Like the hair, presumably sculpted. Should look in that technique too.

Very nice render, although she does rather look like she would fall straight forward … and bounce. :smiley:

It’s completely different, really, than the piece upon which it was based, and in a lot of ways I like it better. The skin-tones are warmer, the lighting is dramatic, and so on. (Obviously, the two artists are striving for different styles. The original is much more animé.

sundialsvc4, not any risk sheshpuld fall. 95% helium Inside. i’m impressed by those comments about the styles.
orinoco: done
Warloc 3d, yes, sculpted with Zbrush dynamesh
jonnydjango, ristesekuloski, marcolorenz, sietse11, guys! very happy you like her!

another inflate one. LOL
Great work. Amazing!

Different style from the drawn reference, though I prefer the yours too.
Anyway, her legs are a bit odd to me.


I will reach your quality of work someday! That’s just awesome!

that’s what i’m use to write in some posts!arghl thanks

Your girl is pretty sweet, i like it !

Thanks 3d/slider
i tryed somes shoes and new poses for a print. really happy with my clothes rigging. Though, i had to use a copy of the mesh decimated for the posing…maybe to much modifiers!

Cool chick, but 2 shots have too much DOF imho, first shot I can barely look at it, I get too much eye strain.