an other plant +shockwave tutorial +.blendfile

Here is a shockwave flash tutorial on how i model flowers without textures… you can apply the same concept for making plants, just use a leaf or a branch rather than a flower pettal:
If you want a scaleable version Here is a hotlink : (can use a minimal sized window, but may distort image)

Original picture:

Here is Yet another snapshot, and I included a blend files as well.

you are welcome to use this any way you see fit… have fun!

Here is the blend file:

Well, that looks really nice.
Maybe in the foreground you could have used more particles for the grass.
And the leafs of the plant in the middle seem to have too much specularity, so that they do not look as realistic as the other parts of your picture.
But nevertheless it is a beautiful work…

I agree, there could be less specularity on the leaves and more grass in the foreground, but i have to say i love the colours and the sky is perfect with the rest of the picture. I think some bugs like a butterfly would give it some more… life.

Great work!:slight_smile:

Looks good…did you model the plant or used LSystem? also have you tried RipSting’s Fiber script? It gives good looking grass…

@ Fliir,
Hi ! Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: I agree more detailed grass would be verry nice 8)

@ JeffH,
Hello , glad you like it! butterfly is a great idea… I am going to model and rig one tomarrow after work I think.


I modeled everything from scratch, look at the above .blen file I included and you will see everything is still in its low poly cage :slight_smile:
thanks for the fiber tip as well! I will look onto that script :slight_smile:

I did an update, check out he top post everyone :slight_smile:

got the blend, looks good, I’ll add it to my vegitation folder and use it sometime if that’s ok.

Hi san_diego_james,

Sure, use it any way you want :slight_smile:

if you are starting a collection of meshes and materials, you may want to try this AWESOME script…

it is a dream come true! as soon as I stabelize this system, I am going to start another library


i uploaded the wrong file :frowning:

it is corrected now, i am verry sorry about that… this version has the correct textures included, and the flowerpot material is the same color as the photo above…

Hi all,
I added a Shockwave flash tutorial, you can get it here, or in the first post:

wink sure made it easy to document the tutorial…
I just use the native blender text for the titles and dialogs as I was modeling! later iadded a few little things that i mised…

Wink is AWESOME for makeing tutorials in Linux and windows… the entire session made a tiny 2 mesh flash file :smiley:

if iwas unclear on anything please let me know :slight_smile:

Very nice tutorial

Thanks Wodman5k,

Glad you liked it :slight_smile: