An plans for a realtime > 25 fps interraditive authoring tool

With BGE gone and Animation Nodes running slowly (<24 fps)and/or not running at all in 2.8. Is there an official tool or plugin on it’s way to solve our real time problems with an elegant solution. Allowing us to use pre-prepared groups of nodes to set up a common animation/geometric functions whilst allowing coders and nerds to expand groups(or whatever) and dig deeper. Really, this lack of action has put a dagger into to the heart or real time industry for projection and other realtime projects that used to work with blender. Just look at smode or Touch Designs (houdini r/t spinoff) to get some nodes/procedural inspiration. If you don’t want keep a game engine that can prototype in minutes if favor of a lengthy and flawes conversion process (to unity, Godo, Unity etc;) carry on giving us nothing. We have to bear the cost of learning other tools.

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Use 2.79 for the time being. Realtime solutions will probably be back when “everything nodes” project are fully developed later in the 2.8x series. AFAIK gmae engine is not coming back, but it was said there will be better support for external game engines in the future.

Thanks for the kind reply. I’m aware of the unofficial long term solution but am just stating that a lot of r/t artist will need to move their pipeline away from blender and then not come back. Not withstanding Armory, most projection oriented r/t (real time) solutions require intensive coding, which equals time and money. Maybe eeve along with a powerful card will offer a solution along with everthing nodes but this hasn’t been mapped (roadmapped) or stated. I hope so. :grinning: