an rust

i made this use about 20 days, it dosn’t look very realistic ,but hope you enjoy it
bty i want upload soucefile to blendswap but you know it closed so i give up

I love this, nice attention to detail! :RocknRoll:

Very nice, very realistic, is this Cycles or BI?

Anyway, I love the rich texturing work you put into the image, the only thing I could find is that some of the rust on the big pipe near the top is lacking in detail a little, but that’s just a nitpick compared to the effort put into this work overall.

very nice work, I think you should put the sharpness off a little bit

yeah it use cycle thanks for your advance, this is my first time try to use layers in materail .maybe i can do better in next time

lol fact it’s original size looks OK ,but this small size look too sharp. i don’t know why…

I never tried to do a scene like this but I think you can get an even better result if you set the focus on something interesting and experiment with the lighting. I also think that it would be cool with some specularity on the pipes and the wall. The image looks a bit flat and I don’t know where to look at.

very nice. And very close to photorealism. It must have taken you ages! How long DID it take you? Did you make any of the textures?

yeah I know what you mean it look a bit disorderly,really,.at first i want make the focus on that red traffic signs , i increase the saturation of red signs ,but seems failed.
about second advance i wiil try it .

thank you a lot

Yeah, there isn’t really a point of focus. The scene is really too noisy for me(not the render, mind You).

it looks like something that would work well in some awesome game.

it dosn’t look very realistic ? Do some justice to the render! Result is awesome!!! u’ve made Vray to run 4 their money! Very good work! really rusty render!

Blendswap was doing upgrades over the weekend and into Monday or Tuesday. They should be back up and running now.