An smiling old man

Hi all , finally I finish this personal work and post here , all work took about 3 weeks from start to finish.
sculpt in zbrush ,retopo and render in blender , some color correct in photoshop , hope you like it


you did! Im happy to see this sir finished, man the cloths of your character is my favorite part of your work I will take this image how reference to try to reach this cloth result, is really ispiring, my 5 :slight_smile:

He look too real, everithing, the clothes and the body. It look artistic so I hope You like it because I think the art is more subjective than objective.

Congrats on finishing your project, looks like this nice old man is off to visit an old friend. Amazing detail.

Thanks all~~

Great work)
cloth materials looks like real

thanks xbodya13~~ I tweak that for many times ~

Grate looking old man… dude the cloths are outstanding, looking so real well made.



A great model, but I feel that the chin area is just a little too wrinkly.


Hi saikafu

Think you did a fantastic job here and really deserve your top row.

Agree with ComputerWhiz about the chin area though.


This is unbelievably fantastic! As far as the chin goes, I think it is quite possible that this man could have these wrinkles on his chin. A little bit of refracted light from somewhere below would soften their intensity. I love how this piece emulates a studio portrait with a painting as the background. Congratulations on an amazing piece saikafu!

Really amazing…

BTW could you provide Poly/vert numbers and texture Resolution

All very good but I particularly was struck by the wooly scarf. You can almost feel the wooliness.

To be honest, I would place this in the uncanny valley. The lighting just makes him look creepy (are the lights colored?), and the chin area doesn’t help out much.

The one big thing I have to give you credit for is the clothing. It’s amazing.

In my opinion, it’s maybe not top row quality, but it’s still a decent attempt.

NIce work! can you go into more how you did some of the cloth texturing?

Love this! And a well deserved top row! :smiley: And I totally disagree with tardis maker, it should not be placed in the uncanny valley.

Hello all , thanks a lot first ~~
I’ll post some screenshots here , hope can help someone
this is the viewport screenshot

and this wireframe

this is the close view , as you can see I made all the knits of the scarf

and this is about the cloth screenshot , there is not thing special to make cloth , I just modeled it and unwarp UV , and download a nice knit texture from CGtexture and made it tileable.
and about textures size are 2K or 4K , 4K used on skin material and leather jacket , 2K used on cloth .


this is that texture

Hi, great work!

I have one question, because i recently tried to find ways to make realistic knits in blender. My best attempt is a combination between various array- and curvemodifiers. Can you explain (in short) how you did this?