An temporary alternative for ATI users...

Head over to, and download Blender 2.63 - Significantly Faster Than Official Builds by Dobz. If you use windows 64 bit.

I’ve tested it as well, and it is.

Not had any issues using it, but as always save data regularly. :slight_smile:

I thought this build attempted to fix the huge performance gap in CPU Rendering between Linux and Windows builds of Blender? Not really an alternative if you have a potentially fast AMD GPU.

Well, atm, amd gpu don’t work well with cycles - ergo: not at all for real results.

Hence my comment: temporary.

That build crashes when adding empties and sometimes when rendering old blend files

OpenCL rendering isn’t even done yet. If you manage to read the description, this build is only faster when using CPU rendering, not GPU.

It’s a good build however. I hope that we get more like this soon.

Hopefully compiling issues will be solved for everybody by the devs so that Windows builds won’t be much slower by default than Linux ones.