An Unforgettable Adventure

“Why is it so difficult for us to see that our search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is only hiding the fact that we are both the rainbow and the pot of gold.” - Jampolsky

Following the poly style series that I’ve started a few months back, here’s another piece I’d like to share with everyone, with a tad bit of surreality to it.

I’ve always loved the outdoors, safari, and nature in general and here’s my take to the hopes of preserving it for the next generations to come.

Thank you so much to Carla, my fiancée, for the heart-wrecking but helpful comments during the early stages of production; they did help a lot! :wink:

More info at:

Have fun! :slight_smile:

  • Reyn


Awesome low poly masterpiece!
Remind me of the Pixar animation film ‘Up’ :slight_smile:

This is an amazing piece of art!

You almost don’t notice the fact that the rock is supposed to be a character in and of itself, but when you do you discover the excellent use of subtle composition layers that really make the piece shine.

You’re practically at the point where the forum should auto-post your image thumbnails to the top row, your skills with Blender have been top notch lately.

Brilliant as always, Reyn.

Thank you so much, Ace. I’m deeply humbled by your words.


  • Reyn

Colorized and saturated work!!!

Just dug through my notebook and found these from 2013. Time flies. Whew. :slight_smile: