An Uninviting Place - WIP

a simple scene, im just focusing on lighting, shadows and detail here. the hedge is just one thing i started today, looks okay so far but needs a bit of work to stop the leaves disappearing through the ground.



Looking good. I really like the hedge. Did you use a third party program??

Also the lighting is really good too. All simply but it works.

Perhaps maybe work on the texture of the concrete/stone work of the wall.

thats really nice!..but how did u do the hedge exactly?

the way i did the hedge is quite clever, and probably the first time i tried something complicated without tutorials.

all i did was add a cube and shift-d it a few times to get a long rectangle shape. i then subdivided at certain points and created internal planes inside the rectangle.

i had a plane with a texture of a leaf and used duplivert to copy it to the rectangle. i subdivided the rectangle til there was a good few leaves, but the shadows werent good enough so i modelled the leaf and copied the texture to it.

the next problem was that the hede was too neat and looked recently cut, so after a bit of thinking i used a displace modifier (cant remember what one it was for sure) and used one of the cloud textures i had for one other material. i messed with the values and got the hedge, only problem is the several thousand vertices, but its not a big one.

will have updates soon, but ill be away until friday, then away til sunday

added grass and worked a bit on the textures


Wow, thats looking great. Loe the new textures. Also the grass. I’m gonna need to learn to do that on my current project. Keep up the good work.

thanks, glad i finally got them right, the ground still is a bit off but im trying to sort that out.

ive got time now, shouldnt be busy too much for a bit, so i eased myself back in today by starting on cracks and stuff falling off the wall. Will need to add moss or something eventually


working on the ivy climbing the walls now


Most of it’s pretty good, but I have to tellyou that ivy on the walls looks pretty shocking. Try looking up a program called IvyGen. It oughtta be just what you want. Otherwise consider doing it with partices to make it look a bit more random.

I like how this is turning out - very ominous and uninviting indeed. I particularly like the ivy covering the fence. However, there’s a few things that might need work. The texture for the concrete looks kinda CG-ish and unconvincing so far. The growth patterns of the ivy covering the building seem angular and unnatural. Maybe if you aimed for something more sinuous with the curve guides. Otherwise I like where the idea’s headed.

ok, ive tried the ivygen, but i cant import it into blender…

has been a while, i know, but ive decided to scrap the ivy, for now anyway.

started working on a rusty bike, rust still probably needs a bit of work though


YES!!! i got the ivy imported, and after about 4 hours of tri to quad conversion i got this. still need to work on the cement walls and ground