An unusual request

My friends, My dear sister is going through the results of ECT, or brain shock and I would wish you to ask for her peace. She is having deep problems dealing with reality (whatever that is) and I would just ask you for your blessings and thoughts as she returns to earth (where ever that is) :spin: Please post your blessings and thoughts and I will send her this link. I do think that comments/blessings from around the world would be of much benefit, she really is a dear and kind person and loves animals.

Request that you finish the sentance? :wink:

filling in the word count

What exactly are the results of ECT? Anyway good luck and stuff :smiley:

Well, lets hope it works.
I had no idea they still did that to people :(.
I cannot bless anyone because I am an atheist, I do wish her well, and hope for a quick recovery.
Please express a “Get well soon”, from me :smiley:

What exactly are the results of ECT? Anyway good luck and stuff :smiley:

here ya go

I wish all the best for your sister.

It must be tough for you and wish her the best in recovery and you the best in dealing with the events.

Keep us posted man, good luck.

Hope everything goes well. Best of luck to you both.

I will pray that everything goes well.
By the way what is your sisters name??

Yeh, I pray it all works out for her, and your family. I’m sure it will. :yes:

Let us know how it all works out.

Good luck to your sister, I hope she recovers well. God bless her, I’ll be praying.


I hope your sister will have a quick recovery…
Good luck to both of you!

I wish her the best of days. Mae-govannen mellonamin!!! (probably spelled wrong, my Elvish is not very fluent)

I will keep her in my prayers…

Yes, I am a Catholic. I will offer a Rosary for her.

I will save a prayer for her.

Best wishes and a prayer to God here goes out to her.