An update on an old model

(0ptikz) #1


Since my inspiration is in short supply at the moment, I decided to update an old pic, with the aim to make it a little more realistic lookin’ :wink:

I updated the textures, improved the bump map and added a little Zblur magic: :o

(SGT Squeaks) #2

Pretty cool!! I don’t really have any crit. :smiley:

(DreamMaster) #3

Cool :smiley: Can’t wait to get a ride in that spaceship! :smiley:

(Natron) #4

Very cool indeed!
I think the smoke trail could use a bit of tweaking as well as the windows, they look a bit dull for windows.
Other than that, exremely cool picture. The lighting, enviornment and textures are great. Keep it up!


(valarking) #5

Nice! I have trouble finding anything else that needs improvement…
Except that the shadows are kinda low res.

(S68) #6


but black windows looks like blak painting… they should need some beveling, some reflections…


(stephen2002) #7

looks pretty good. The only thing that looks “wrong” is the ground texture, way too low-res.