Anais- Downloadable

I originally intended to do more with this character, and i might still. yet i decided the base model needed improvement in the topology area.

I’ve done that and now the model is outdated, it’s useless for me other than archive, but i’m sure others could find some use for her.

the rig is simple and made only for my needs which isn’t animation, it’s a pose set-up pretty much. there are some face poses, and you can easily add more.

the blend file is literally this render.

this is also the same figure i used in a tutorial i made. Female Topology Tips
(note if the shirt is messed up increase the subdivision to two and shift a frame i think the cache might make up for some of the size >_>)

Download page: (58.7mb)


Your Female Topology Tips are very helpful. I notice that your topology basically follows the underlying muscle structure of the body, which give a good point to start from. It’s a helpful tutorial.

Also, your Tumblr requires a password.

ah yeah that needs a fix XD

new url that other one is wip


and thank you that was the goal :D, my updated model follows that idea much close than this one. its also a lower poly count which is something important to me, and quad only. i plan to sell my new one since i really don’t see how i could ever improve it.

Where are you planning on selling your new one and for how much? I might be interested if the price isn’t too steep.

haven’t decided, i probably wouldn’t charge much or have different versions for price.

when ever i click under download page it shows this

nice work !!!

Sorry this is super old XD

I don’t even think i have access to this project any more. Sorry it’s likely gone lol.

Though if you just want a female figure i have one for download here.

RIp wanted that model :frowning:

Courtesy of the web archive. The download links go to mediafire, which are amazingly still live.

The download page send error will you upload to other cloud like One drive mega or other to share the .blend file? thanks exelent JOB!!!

HI!! do you have the model.blend? will you upload again to a cloud like mega or onbe drive ? thanks!!!

This isn’t my work so I don’t know if I have the permission to reupload.
But this is the mediafire link from the creator’s page.

Reupload is fine by me, this is just old stuff.