Anakin's First lightsaber

Hello, This is a lightsaber I made,
You can see the features included below.


  1. Procedural saber ignition via node group. You can change the color of the saber and emission strength and of course the ignition position.

  2. You can move & rotate the saber however you’d like by moving the base model.

  3. Random Emission strength and random displacement of the blade.

I hope you like it :smiley:
I will give a download link soon until I upload it onto an online platform :grin:
Also sorry for the bad quality this took a bit to render (not too long either)

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Its cool,
Can I see the node group for the Auto-Ignition? Im curious about it

Sure! Also sorry for the late reply!
Just some simple math nodes…

This works great but the only issue that it only works on a black background
because it just “masks” everything with black until you move the slider.
I have not yet figured out a way to at least make it transparent or another color…
Also, the Separate XYZ determines on which axis it should mask it
in this case the Z-axis (move it up or down)
For the movement of the Auto-ignition i added a keyframe in the Position slider
and moved it.

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Thank You For your patience!
You can download it for free here!!

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