Anakin's Podracer

I’m planning to model skywalker’s podracer from “The Phantom menace”.
But, unfortunately, i can’t find any reference images.

If there is anyone who knows where to find them :slight_smile: please help



does this help?

no too small

indeed, and i 'd prefer pictures from front, side and top :slight_smile:

Bring up my post :no:

Use “blueprint” in your googling.

I have a plastic model of Anakins podracer that’s fairly detailed, so if you want I can take photos of the front, back, top and side.

THANKS a very lot :slight_smile: :eek: i actually did google with blueprint, but then i got thousands of pages where the content of star wars was discusses "Kenobi was having a blueprint in his hand… " etc. :confused:

I have seen the original one last spring in London during special SW exhibition. It was kind of funny. It is made of wood, plastic and psterboard and looks rather like a peace of junk. Other props even costumes looked quite same. But surprisingly it works quite good in film :slight_smile: