Analogy Blender Cycles Shaders and Vray

Hello, I was watching Grant Warwick’s Mastering Vray Lesson 2 and I decided to apply the techniques described in the video, I also tried to emulate the material made in the tutorial, I just didn’t made the rust material.

The tutorial is long but describes a lot of the process, and it can be aplied to Cycles, I also saw the Shader Forgetutoriall with Kent Trammell at Blender cookie, it’s also awesome usefull resource and make the video of Grant Warwick more comprehensible.

I’m not a Shader expert I just wanted to share the link with the comunity because I think it’s worth to watch.

Result So Far

This ist the first shader I made after watching the tutorial.

These 3 Images are a try to achive a plastic shader, too much glossy though

And here you can see the result after trying to emulate the shader in the tutorial, I used a noise texture for the bump and a dirty texture to achieve some glossy reflections, and for the edges the dirt in vertex paint mode andthe worn edges add-on from oscurart.

Here’s the node setup for the Material

HI, I made another plastic, added some scratches

and I made also thisone here, a clena plastic, I used a texture from played in Photoshop with the levels and connected to the color of the glossy

I uploaded the material to paste all just in case you guys want to check it, I cant share the texture but you cant download one from the site and experiment.