Anarchy - Visual/Typographic Assignment

Hey this is my first time posting any of my finished stuff in the blender artist forum. Anywho, this was a open graphics arts 30 assignment about typography and visual representation of a word. I chose Anarchy for my word.
I used Blender, and Gimp.

I should mention it was not my intent to make it easily read. I hope you enjoy it, makes a nice desktop background :slight_smile: .
Tell me what you think.

Nice image I like the broken glass shatter effect very striking. Well done. _

Not bad I like the style.

Great work, Anarcheril. My only criticism would be (and you may have been intending this effect in which case it is fine) but I find that the glas text blends in with the background a tad too much, for example if I didn’t already know what it said I may struggle to read it- particularily the ‘N’. To improve I guess that blurring the background a bit more would work or even just making a lighter glow behind the text shards so that you can distinguish more.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thank you for your feedback, that is actually exactly what I was hoping for and intended to convey. My Initial render was very difficult to read, then I found I made it way to clear, because it was my intention for it to be on the line of readable and just anarchy. :slight_smile:

I think the outline effect makes it look a little less interesting, it’s a cheap effect when just used on it’s own and not creatively. I think just pure glass would have been much more interesting.
Seems a little off that a Typography assignment would be so hard to read, but it does look pretty cool. I just think it’d look far better with just glass shards or something a little less abstract. Just because you’re expressing anarchy doesn’t mean everything needs to be noisy. Clean hard lines are good. Anarchy is as much about the breaking down of authority as it is about the absence of order. And the fractured nature of the image plays nicely on that. Considering the chosen word, it’s impressive you didn’t just do a spray painted Anarchy sign or anything cliche like that, so props for that as well.
Overall, I feel the image would work better without the noise of that outline effect and making use of materials that refract and reflect.
Hopefully I don’t come off as too critical, I like the look of it, but if it really is a typographical piece of work, it should be legible. Regardless of your intention, the purpose of text is to, well, be read. A little bump in readability and less of the outline filter would, in my opinion, potentially be pretty kick ass.
Good work and have fun with future projects!