Anatomically Correct character models?

Just a thought I keep having…Has anyone ever seen, or attempted themselves to create a 3d model of a person or character that is correct anatomy wise? Like LITERALLY with a skeleton (although I suppose you could make custom bones to look like actual bones…hm…)
And organs and stuff inside of the model underneath the top mesh? I know it’d probably have a crazy amount of vertices and kill someone’s computer- But it’s an interesting concept lol. At least to me it is :joy: Idk what purpose it would serve since you couldn’t see anything on the outside anyways but shrug


Yes, Melodicpinpon has done a great one well worth looking at, here it is:


OMG That’s so cool!!! Thanks for sharing with me!

Hi Moodyblues,

I’m actually glad to notice that other people find this idea useful.
You are welcome if you want to participate (there are plenty of things to do) :slight_smile: