Anatomy Study: Male

As a conclusion for my anatomy study I decided to sculpt male and female models. Its just a practice, so I won’t go into small details such as pores, wrinkles or textures in general. My main focus is to get proportions and forms right. As I did my anatomy study solely on paper I sometimes struggle to transfer my knowledge to 3D, so that’s why I post it here.

Here is what I did sofar:

C&C are very welcome :slight_smile:

from a proportion and shape perspective the musculature and undrlying bone structure is great

Thank you for feedback :slight_smile:

How do you go about studying human anatomy?
Do you think you get a better idea from the 2D aspect of your drawing studies?
Do you study one part at a time, for example the muscles of the arm, or leg?

I only ask since I hope to further my sculpting abilities through learning anatomy, but don’t know how to go about it.
As of right now I’m focused on getting a good understanding of the human skeletal system by recreating bones from online 3D anatomy visualization tools but I’m not sure if this is the best approach.

Great work, hope to get some helpful tips if you can offer any.

I think 2D is better for anatomy study it because of speed of creation. Modeling in 3D is slower then sketching it onto paper.

In studying anatomy I took one piece of bone/muscle (of certain body part), analyze it and then connect it to what I already know.
This means that I learned all skeleton bones and then I was putting muscles on it while I was drawing everything over and over. This way I really memorized connections and proportions of body and fixed it to unconcisious mind.
If I would doing it in 3D I would have better idea of forms, but on the other hand it would be too slow to model everything (it still took me 3/4 of year of intense studying on paper). Also I would be lazy and instead of modeling everything over and over I would just duplicate what I have already done which wouldn’t be good IMO.

Now I just have to practice transfering my 2D knowledge to 3D.
Plus I can also draw characters.

Anatomy is too complex to conquer it all by myself so I rather bought one of the best anatomy course out there: The Structure of Man by Riven Phoenix. This guy is genius and the course really helped me. However its aim is to make it as simple as possible, so customer won’t feel frustration all the time (from a ton of information that he will still have to absorb) which has of course a downside: there are some simplifications and approximations. Other than that this course is a gold - really recommend this.

I am a bit perfectionist so I made reference library to further enhance knowledge that the course gave me. Feel free to bookmark it and use it if you want. Just note that its still WIP, inconsistent and NSFW.

What visualisation service did you used? From my experience they are very inaccurate, however I am using if I need to get some facts about some bone or muscle.

Also I recently bought wallchart just to have a nice visualisation of bones and muscles in front of my eyes.

Hope it helps and best of luck with your anatomy study :wink:

So here is a little update: Upper arms

I had to fiddle with proportions and back muscles a bit during the process.
Its not done yet but it starts to look good in my opinion.

Some work on the right arm:

Update: Initial shape for legs, left arm and left thigh.
I still need to do some more work about leg proportions though.