Anatomy study

if you look more carfully you’ll notice that the cheeks doesn’t go out, it’s the area between mouth and cheek that goes in like this one here

any way that the farthest i can go for now !

and here she is!!! My beauty…i think i got it

what do you think now?

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It looks a hell of a lot cleaner, that is for sure. A) Stick with your references and B) prepare yourself for another multiple tens of hours to get the whole thing right. C) You can do it, trust yourself.

You’re doing fine, just don’t give up and take your time, don’t stress yourself :slight_smile:

This is by the way some kind of advice I would give myself 10 years earlier, I skipped too many things and went too fast from one thing to another. The best thing I think one can learn is to finish what you started, especially if you try to learn something.

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and now ?!

i was really stuck but this image helped me lot


Take a minute each (seriously, just look at it and compare) the eyebrows, the form of the cheeks and how sharp her mouth looks in your sculpt. You are getting there dude, your current sculpt is miles ahead of where you started with this!

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So, I think you’re at a cross road now, of sorts. Are you going for realism, or something stylised? If you’re going for stylised, then I think you’re there. I’m guessing you watched the Yan Sculpts video on YT?

She looks unique, but I can tell who she is.

If you’re going for realism, then she can do with some more work. I won’t offer any help there though until I know what you’re shooting for.

Also, if you’re just learning, don’t be afraid to call something done, and move on. It can be very easy to get caught up on a single piece you never actually finish.

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thanks i’m kind of stuck but i have to focus on exams now, i will get to it may be a week of rest and studying real people outside will help better

thank you bro it’s a good question, i’m really confused i wanna go realistic but i’m not sure that i can do it, as you said i might move on to textures and background now but it’s very hard and tempting idea to do realistic at the same time.
i have to focus on exams now may be a week of rest will bring good
of course yan is one of my favourite artist, i have a folder in my computer named ‘yan and inspiration’, you think who does it better?

ok i couldn’t study, may be now i could

gave up on exams and gave up for today