Anatomy Study

Wanted to focus on anatomy for this one. Also, I wanted to try to paint more realistic skin, this was my second attempt at painting skin in Mudbox. I leaned some good stuff on this one. Hope you guys enjoy!

Very very nice!!! good anatomy! and cool skin pain it remembers me the 300 movie, they paint their bodys to enhance the anatomy of the muscles, obviously is not like the skin is, but, it is rely cool

Thanks, for the kind words!

It looks like the deltoid muscle goes too low and is very distinctive considering the overall musculature of the body. Perhaps it was meant to be brachialis but it is more hidden and probably would not be too visible on such individual. Muscles around scapula look flat (look like they are only painted), but over all it looks quite good :slight_smile: It’s good to see some “normal” model, most of the time, there are usually superheroes that make Arnold Schwarzenegger looser :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wanted to make more of an average person haha. And yeah, I didn’t focus on the back anatomy as much as i should have, and I’ll take what you’ve said into account next time I work on anatomy.
I appreciate all your critiques and compliments, thanks! :slight_smile: