ANBU Shinobi

Hi everyone,

Here’s the last work I was working on. He’s part of a composition I made for the Blender Guru contest but the environment I made had a really weird aspect on the shader I did. And I tried to lit the guy in very different setup (lowkey, highkey etc.) and I never had problems. I make APPEND to put in the environment and the bump maps are too high, the gloss is too strong, the SSS also, and the overall aspect is horrible.

ANYONE can tell me what’s wrong ??

Here are renders of the character alone. I think it’s not bad.

A last one… to be honest on the last one (the side view) I saw I had a problem of collision in the left arm and that he missed hair on the back bottom of his head. Since I’m tired of this project I let it like that. I’ll do modifications in a near future.

Here’s the image I posted for the BG contest. Can someone tell me why my skin shader turns bad and veeeeeeery waxy as soon as I appen it in another file ??? The light setup is the same. I thought it was a question of room illumination… the bounces of the light around the subject that could erase details but no because the character is in fact outside of the room, so the influence of the environment comes only from the back light coming through the window.