I was going to enter this in the weekend challenge a week and a half back, but dident finish it off. Had a go with the mesh deform modifier, which works a treat, for quick posing, without having to rig the model. Anyway I could spend another week retexturing, and adding wing feathers, but I have to do other stuff.


ps its mostly recycled stuff and the raptor mesh, only vertex shaded.

Great model but textures and light are not soo good. Ground is too reflective and the color is strange, it is not convincing in one word. And the light looks like it is coming from one source, like a lamp. Try to convert it to area light or sun, it should be much better, or even put 2 or 3 of them around your scene.
Nice model but there is much to improve!

Thanks, it was for the WC, supposed to be a penguin ancestor carrying the mammal ancestor ish. I also thaught marsupial might be usefull, if they couldent do that with there canard wings.
I totaly agree about the texturing and lighting though.

Cheers Bogey

ps, I dident enter as I couldent get a pose I was happy with. The following day the new mesh deform modifier patch submited by I think, Riccardo Gagliarducci, was included. It works great as long as you remember to “ctrl A” on both objects, and totaly enclose the deforming mesh.
In this case, I modified the veloceraptor mesh from one of the demo files.