Anchor Points along angled geometry

Hello dear Blenderinos,

I am currently trying to animate wing rudders of a spitfire and can’t seem to find out how to precisely assign anchor points in an angle so the rudders are rotating properly. I have found out so far that by going into edit mode and selecting 2 points and move the 3d cursor to selected i can then go back to object mode and update the origin point to the 3d cursor.

So far so good!

The problem i still have is having the anchor point coordinate X (blue in picture) behave so it will be parallel to where the wing meets the rudder instead of being parallel to the global x coordinate.

So basically if i try to animate it by rotating it is behaving odd as the x coordinate is not alligned with the edge.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Control surface can be manipulated with Armature. Bones can be laid along the hinge line of an aileron and parent it to aileron. Bone starting and ending position can be controlled by snapping them to 3D curser placed on hinge geometry. Here, I created joystick to control elevator and aileron movement like the real control. You can do that by using Copy Rotation constraints to each hinge bones to copy joystick rotation: