Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens :slight_smile:

I love the alien itself but the cloth needs a bump map.

that’s so creepy…
but creepy…

WAY too much chromatic aberration and nothing is in focus, my eyes hurt just looking at it.

much chromatic aberration is my idea I was inspired by Doctor Who Intros :slight_smile: :

Woah. Talk about a blast from the past!
Well, the past… my future. I’m a new Whovian and still trying to catch up with the latest series before watching the older ones…

Excellent model, there, and at about 3:09 of the video I saw exactly where you got the focus/color effect from. Have to say that I like it.

The head is a bit unreadable. For example one eye seems different to the other? The sides of the head are ears or is hair or?
The size of the folds of the cloth implies this alien measures around 20 cm or 30 cm height. So a smurf. The blue also indicates this. LOL

I see what you are trying to do with the CA but it doesn’t look the same. Generally CA is to be avoided. Probably you could have done better using halos and color ramps.