Ancient Athens 3D


I’d like to show what I work on at the moment. I have quite good progress but advises or opinions would be nice to read.

Test game you can find on my website just click link on my homepage.


i test this game very nice…

Hi, I got to check out your website and file - I tested the Parthenon on my little laptop 1.2Ghz low-voltage Intel dual core, 4GB ram. v4 ran flawlessly. v1 ran, but very slowly. v2 and v3 ran just like v1. I’m curious what is the difference between them?
What was odd was that the view size was the same in all of them. So maybe the resolution was better, but the window stayed the same. Which meant, except for the palm tree, they looked more or less the same.
I also tried the athens file, but it wouldn’t load, and the text window gives this error: “Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment.”
I’m also interested in archaeological reconstruction using Blender, but am just getting a handle on modeling and texturing, so do take any critique with a grain of salt.
The good: it looked like the parthenon to me, though I’ve never been there in person. I like the addition of sounds, though the wind noise could be turned down a little. The texturing is pretty good for multi-texture, and the details on the altar and the ceiling are nice touches. The bronze(?) work above the doors was quite good, to my eye.
Where it could be improved: the height of the camera and the size of the object it’s linked to are too tall and too wide. I had to jump (which, btw, on my touchpad was LMB, not RMB) to get between columns because the actor was too big. If you make them smaller, also widen the camera angle - it will make the space seem more impressive, I think. The palm tree sway is a nice touch, but it sways too much, and I’d rather see more of them planted as if they’re supposed to be there - garden-like - than the sway.

I hope this helps, and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Looks pretty nice. I like the feel of it - the smoke coming from the candles inside the temple’s a bit too dark, though.

nice work texturing needs work and the object scale too in relation too player bounds and camera view “but it’s a very good start”

I would use a level of detail script and some pre-rendered billboards to replace the buildings when they are at a distance.
Have to plan that one a lot though. :slight_smile:

Looks very good! Remembers me the caesar games(more like the last ones); have you done each little residence by yourself, or have you used some kind of generator/particle(with predefined possible residences)?

I like it, looks like a combination of Civilization and Google Earth. Na, I’m just joking ;). I would like to see some big hills and the mountains closer to the city. Some hills would also give more depth to the landscape.

Thanks you all! :slight_smile:

Each residence is made by me not by generator. Public buildings are modelled very precisely but houses are simple blocks, spread within city walls and between roads.

At the moment I have linked images made from game, with panoramic render for topography, so background looks a bit flat. Topography is only low poly. There are quite few hills but not visible from those angles the renders were taken from. When I finish I am going to make nice, high quality render with high poly topography plus trees.

So you have experience :slight_smile: I don’t, I have found this script yesterday but not sure how to make convincing pre-rendered billboards. Would it be possible to give some advice how to do it properly?

Everything made by me not by generator

I did something like this once, and will have to do that again soon for my game; I really liked the amount of detail you did, it is already at commercial level graphically.

Thanks… but myself I think I will never do it again :slight_smile: I spent more than one year to do it and now don’t know if I’ll be able to run it. I wanted add as well light maps and walking people but now I see is pointless and I’ll be lucky if I’ll make full working game.

There are technics to make the creation of such a scene quicker/easier. I think you could use for each residence district particle positioning of objects(present in blender), then, you would just complete the shape of the residential district manually. You just would have to get some of the residences which you already made and use particles, it would become something like an art program ‘brush of random residences’.

Why? Why don’t you know whether you can run it? Why would some Lights and People be pointless?
Do you think the GE is slowed down too much by the Amount of Polygons and Stuff?
If that is the Reason, then I advise you to play the Assassin’s Creed Games and have a proper Look at its Techniques: Massive Use of very simple LOD-Meshes is the Base for its good Performance.

Or do you have other Reasons? Like the Logic it would take to have People walk through the Streets?

felipearts: If this is, as I understood, an Attempt on a Reconstruction then random Positioning of the Residences would make little Sense.

Its looking nice allready, congratulations!

If this is, as I understood, an Attempt on a Reconstruction then random Positioning of the Residences would make little Sense.

He would do so only at residential areas, that areas with orange buildings, and he would do a manual fine tunning later, I do not think he wants to reconstruct the exact positioning of each residence of the residential area of athens, because I think there would be no interest of the ancients to preserve that(exact position of each home), leaving no blueprinting of it for posterity. Note I am not talking about everything else(non orange/brown cubes area); I am also giving a tip for the next scenes which may use the same style of residential areas. He would not make any change to what is already done.

Was this abandoned or something? The ‘game’ section of the site isn’t working. It was a quite detailed project.