Ancient bridge

I love it Endi. I aways like your 3d art style.

Excellent image as usual endi.
I think BgDM makes some valid points if you wish to push this more towards photorealism, but in the meantime it’s surreal and beautiful enough for me to suspend my disbelief.



Amazing- is that a pure blender render?

Very nice piece endi.

However I will suport most of BgDM comments.

I will add also that you have only mirror component to your water. A bit ot alpha (with correct IOR) would greatly enhance it IMHO.

wow !!! that is so fantastic !!!

well done endi !!

BTW how did you make the wood texture? it has a nice feel to it. Did you first give the mesh a texture (say… wood) and use the noise option?

Fantastic as always, endi!

Truly inspiring.


Wow, great texturing and lighting! Good job; you should post this on cgtalk.

I can’t find any flaws in that pic. at all. Excellant modeling work. :smiley: