ancient city

what do you think

Great composition, I really like how the fabric leads the viewer’s eye into the scene.
But I think it would be even better if there was some kind of focal object in the bright hallway, like the silhouette of a person or so.

Great image! The only thing that really gives it away that this is not real are the front sprockets on the bicycles in the foreground. They have absolutely huge teeth.

Whoops!! I wonder … :eek:

I don’t believe that this is yours. As @iamdemsugar pointed out it’s an old image from 3DTotal’s gallery and stealing others art should warrant a ban IMO.

EDIT: In fact I see you have posted several renders that seems to be grabbed from a variety of different artists in your other threads.

Everyting’s fine, it looks very realistic but you could edit that cloth cuz it hasn’t any defects ;d

omg art theft :eek:

Wonder if you are a bot, machine or just mentally challenged… :spin:

Sorry I have not been error occurred Sanza I re- image and say I’m sorry:(

How can I change it , I mean the IMAGE

I want to change or delete the image , but I do not know that the problem occurred Is it possible that the supervisor deprive:(:(:frowning: