Ancient Construction Site

Hi Blenderers!

I was very short on time as I decided to participate in the previous CGBoost challenge 5 days before the deadline. Finally I didn’t push “time travel” topic as much as I wanted but after challenge ended project evolved into something more like “just ancient architecture” :smiley:

Everything made in Blender 2.81 :slight_smile:

Some more shots on Artstation


How do you even start with such a huge project? What did you take as reference? This is really really impressive. Love it.


This is epic. You must have a supercomputer.

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Utterly cool images!

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1080TI and 16gb RAM. So not that super :smiley:

Thanks! Just looking at te reference images until I have some Idea what I could create :smiley: main reference was just “Egypt architecture”, “Pyramids”, “Aztec pyramid” etc :slight_smile:

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Bro! You’re killing it! Amazing how much details you put into this arts :open_mouth:

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wow! good job!!

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Holy [email protected], this is so detailed and cool. I thought it was a digital painting. Thanks for sharing your work!

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Thank you!

That is incredible. How long did that take? I don’t suppose you have a timelapse of it, do you? :slight_smile:

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There are tricks to make a scene look a lot more detailed and of a much larger scale than it really is (ie. heavy instancing and many instance types, kitbashing, procedurals, microdisplacement, forced perspective, ect…) Whatever tricks were used, they are very hard if not impossible to spot in these images.

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Thanks! 5 long days to make main shot for CG boost challenge (with sci-fi ring) and after that I had fun for 3-4 days making more different shots :slight_smile: I don’t have sry :sob:

Thank you :smiley: That was the goal ^^

chop chop to the featured row !

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Hah thx ^^ a man can only wish xD but plannig to use your addon on this scene :heart: just hope to find some spare time :slight_smile: