Ancient Grand Piano WIP

For the keyboard , make a full octave CDEFGAB then duplicate it for 8 times to 6 times.

There is not a one key to be used cause there is a difference in the keys of piano and mechanics for all keys.

Look at the black keys they have some different space in B C and E F that makes no way to make one key for all.

I believe that the style would be consistent throughout the keyboard. It seems you are modeling the keys after the picture you posted in #17, and so I would say that they appear to be in two pieces (only the ivory is).

What do you think of this?


A good start! I’d recommend that the final keys are beveled a little so the edges don’t look so unnaturally sharp, especially if the piano is old.

Wow, thats’ nicely rendered & modeled! Keep blending!

Thanks! I’ve made the whole keyboard, I’m starting to model the case.

I need help on this. I don’t want it to look sharp, and I don’t like how subsurf looks like.
I’d love to use NURBS instead of polygon modeling (it seems to give much better results) for this.

You can do it with subsurface, you just have to apply some crease weights.
Here are some images of the same shape (a cube with some extrusions) with subsurface applied.
Depending on the edges you apply the weight to, you will have some very smooth curves with some sharper edges. It is a bit of work though, especially with your mesh. Hopefully you have similar keys as linked meshes which will save you from doing it to every single key.


Do what Davin suggested. Crease is an awesome feature.

Other than that, its very good progress! I’d smoothen out the curves in the side and back of the piano, they seem to be angles at the moment. Also, that piano doesn’t look long enough to be a grand piano. Use the picture you posted of the grand piano from top view as the background image to get some of the proportions right.

Cool textures, too!

It wasn’t the keys, but the case. And it also doesn’t work, it just makes it look worse.

I made it without subsurf, using another modeling method.
I know the wood isn’t perfect, but I don’t really know what’s wrong with it.

New render :slight_smile:
Some more questions:
What is the soundboard made of normally? (Which are the best materials)
What’s below the soundboard? Is it just filled?


Clearly improving, but the render is very dark. I’m not sure what the wood the soundboard is made of, other than that it is thin.

Nice piano. Are you gunna have it rigged?

Do you mean animated keys, hammers hitting strings? Yeah, it’ll be the last thing I’ll make.
I think the soundboard may be made of mahogany… It’s a very good musical wood anyways.

New render…
Soundboard’s ebony, but not lacquered.


White background.
I’ll start on the bench now. I may start using YafRay, I’ll have to convert all textures to TGA.


The result in YafRay for the keyboard looks awesome, but the rest looks weird.

Looking great! Could it be normals which are messing up the keyboard?

Could we see a bottom and side view?

Ok, rendering.
It doesn’t seem to be normals…