Ancient Home

Ancient home with a happier feel.
Rendering this was really tougher for my machine.
Not only splitting to several render layers, I also divided it to few individual files and finally combined all those. On the whole I was happier with the output and my client was also satisfied. :slight_smile:

Blender has just pulled me into it. I love working in it.
Happy to share this.

Looks great, I love it!

Lovely scene. It would look better with ambient occlusion and softer shadows, but it looks good enough as it is.

Thanks for your comments. Ristesekuloski, I have used ambient occlusion too… but sharper shadows, since it was required by the client.

The test AO, taken during development. Have undergone some changes before finalised.
This is a part of openGL render, just a look behind of the process. :eyebrowlift:

Nice work!!
if the rents cheap I’d move in :wink:

Wow! Welcome :yes: