Ancient Space Traveler

here is my last work, based on old model.
almost 4hours, rendered in Cycles+GPU, post pro in PS.

Hope you like it :eyebrowlift2:

Very well! nice image!=)

Hi ,good concept but it’s a little don’t understand it’s body and head however cool.


here is the original model I did few years ago :smiley:

Awesome as always!
This 4 hours render? Weird. (are we talking for a really big image?)

Thanks mate!

4hours for everything :wink: but I used the old model I only changed the textures and lighting to achive “ancient” result :wink:

One Q mmax , if one was to bump into this guy on ones space travels…is he friendly or not so friendly?

(He has a friendly face in the ancient render)

very nice and detailed…

I like a lot!

thankyou guys!

I attach also the viewport. Maybe helpful :smiley: