Ancient Stone Head

Hi everyone,
I created this really really old stone head.
I am 13 and still studying history… :spin: but I got the inspiration of the model from my history book… :stuck_out_tongue: … an odd place to get inspired :yes:;).

Full Res :

Here is the front view.

Full Res:

There are some grews or holes in the statue.I tried to make it look as if it was in an ocean or a river and got carried away.

The creepy view… or should I say the creepy lighting… :stuck_out_tongue:

Full Res :

And the side view.

Full Res :

I really had to take the time with the textures to tell the history of the statue.
There are some cracks and holes here and there…

Also in the ancient time the statue’s made out of rocks weren’t as clear or distinguished…
So I tried my best to make it as ancient as I could.

Kind of looks more like tree bark than stone to me. It would be interesting to see the reference image.

Actually no refrence image was used…
pure memory and half imagination…

It is good but I would like to see it in a scene. That would show how good it really is.

The scene is a WIP…

Good job. Make some more? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I took “but I got the inspiration of the model from my history book” as you used the image as a reference.