ancient wall!

Hello all,
This is a quick image which I worked on just for fun, and to try out compositing for the first time :rolleyes:
all the 3d stuff were made and rendered with Blender ( I just used ZBrush for the calligraphy on the dome), and compositing was made with Photoshop…
hope you like it, and any C&C to improve my work is very welcome:)

just a quick render:


looks good but I think you should show more of the wall, or maybe even the whole building.

Thanks Imperitor for the note, I sure will try to make a whole building…

Very Good! I like the simplicity of the model, yet it seems to fill up the whole scene nicely.

Wanted Bob

I’m not entirely sure what you intended to do with the shadows. You don’t say what your individual composite-layers consisted of.

Meaning please:o

That’s some excellent texturing on that one, but the angle is a bit weird.

Glad you liked it omegapirate…
I used a weird angle to add some action to this “simple” scene…lol
regards, Jassar

That’s true, I want to learn how to use the Z brush :smiley: