Ancient Wisdom

An old shaman or seer. pic of the frog:


wow thats amazing!
although i think it does need a more interesting background
nice work :slight_smile:

Oh my god! Its incredible! :smiley: I mean it!!

That is so awesome. It would be even more so, I think, if he was standing in a rain forest tree house. Anyway, great work!

Very nice but you should add an interesting background like Jeepster said. Colors are too intensive to have such background…
It would improve overall impression, IMO
Nice one anyway!

thats amazing!! i love it

Nice! I agree, though. A background would give more character to the frog (shaman).

very nice, a background would be good as stated.
I think the cloth material is a little off, the stripes seem to be mapped to the object, so they render in a universal vertical pattern, as such they don’t follow the curves & flows of the material.
As for the frog, that is amazing, I love the textures & color.
well done.

Needless to say its probably worth four or five stars right now…
I think you could improve the lighting. At the moment it looks like the only purpose of the render is to show the viewer the model. But you could present it in a more dramatic way with better lighting IMO.

5 stars. It reminds me of the Futurama episode where Kiff is pregnant.

Thanks for all the feedback! I considered putting a background in, but decided Id rather just make a character, not a full scene. Although, if you guys think it would improve it significantly I may try and put something together.

NIce model, the pose looks great. The shader could use some work(looks a tad plasticy), but overall, its pretty diggable as well. As mentioned, your background could also use some work.

I’d like to say that the lighting is not very good at all. Youve got what looks like one harsh light and maybe some AO. That does not make any model/scene look flattering, and since this is otherwise very nice, that seems a shame. I recommend softer shadows and a few more lights( a 3 poitn system would work well).

Otherwise, really nice, good work.

Give it a nice forest/swamp background with dawn setting and this will be up for good. Wow, my, excellent modeling skills. :slight_smile:

Awesome character, nicely done.

I’m imazed!!! I truly am!!! 5*