Ancient Wreck

Rendered in Cycles. Geometry Nodes rocks, pebbles, & weeds.

(This is not quite how the image is supposed to look, by the way–the colors get horribly washed out when I upload.)


Very nice :slight_smile:

I’m curious about your image upload issue… I can’t say I’ve ever encountered a difference between my render and the upload here :thinking: what color space and image format are you saving your images in?


Usually I export images using the default settings. (Filmic, PNG, RGBA.)

I’m on a Mac, so the colors get washed out after I export. I open the image in Preview and mess with the color sliders to get them looking decent again. Sometime’s I’ll export a JPG (which generally looks fine.)

Then, when I upload to here, there’s usually no difficulties. Just drag & drop, no problem.

But…this image was different. I exported an OpenEXR from Blender, touched it up in Preview, then exported a PNG. PNG was too big for this site so I exported a JPG from the PNG.

When I uploaded that onto here the colors immediately washed out. Badly.

I tried uploading a screetshot from Preview instead (yeah I was desperate) and it was still washed out. So what you’re seeing is a screenshot of a JPG of a PNG of an EXR. :slight_smile:

(I could have re-exported a PNG or JPG render from Blender, but I’ve moved the camera and changed the scene a bit since then, and I wanted this shot.)

If you can help solve any of that (especially the color change happening on export from Blender) I’d be grateful!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart! Always an honor!