AncientAlien...Texture update 3rd page

Well kinda been working on and off with blender for awhile and I came up with this guy; I guess I just like how he err ahh umm she?? or it??? looked or something 'cause I decided to post IT here.

CC is very welcome and slo do you people think I should continue working on it? (please note the material is just a placeholder proably wont been that colour when its done)
Crits on the modeling is exspecialy welcome but anything else will be looked at [!]

scroll down for updates!

That’s simple. If it’s evil, it’s a she.

That should have been a no-brainer.

very true…
Anyone got any comments? or is this destined to be left in the dust like the other million blend files of mine?

You messed up on the urls. I fixed them:

It looks good! I would like to see more updates.

Thanks for fixing the links. umm what is wrong with mine why dont they show…? my first one shows fine and it is put exactly like the other ones…
Anyways I’m kinda out of ideas currently like I dunno what else to add to him; should he have hair? I’m not really sure if their is anything else to add in modeling terms. If you people think that is so then I guess i’ll start my first real texturing job.

the “” had a return behind it like this:

when it should be like this:

k thanks

Ok so I’m done all the modeling and I guess no one really has any crits on it so I am going to start texturing it soon… I’ve never really textured anything before so I was thinking of UV mapping it and drawing textures over the uv coordinates with ‘The gimp’ but what is the best way to UV map? I heard the new LCSM system works wonders but I really have no idea what that is :expressionless: are there any tutorials on it around? or perhaps someone could explain it to me? Any help would be appreciated!!
O and i’ll still take crits on the model itself.

I like the model so far, but it might be suffering from what some peeople like to call the sub-division clay effect — basically where subdividing the surface smoothens everything out too evenly. You could add some sharper creases (extra edge loops) along the face to add definition to some areas, or try playing with the newly released V2.34 with creased sub-division surfaces. That should an easier option do tweak and try out variations with.

Looking forward to seeing this “alien creature of undetermined gender” textured. :wink:


Ok so I decided to make it a he, and make him old lookin and kinda evil well I didn’t mean to do that but it happened…
Anyways thanks for your comment Samir and here is the progress.
And heres some wire’s
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CC is extremley welcome, I hope to have this done in 4 days cause thats when I get my tablet :smiley: so then I can texture this without getting carpol tundrem(sp?) syndrome.

Well 4 days has passed well uhhh 6 days now… and I dont got my tablet but I did buy a new computer :smiley: , so texturing is going to be a little harder… but I’ll work on it. Now heres some updated pics please crit on the modeling… someone anyways here the updated pics are.
now someone crit on something or atleast tell me what you think of it.

looks cool dude.

ok, well, my suggestion is put eyelashes and pixar-style eyes with a red textured eye. that’ll make it more or less scary

Neat model. An interesting skin texture would go a long way on this model. I’m thinking of something like G’Kar from Babylon Five.

is that a mesh problem or a scar on his right cheek?

that would be his left cheek and its a scar

Ok got some more updates for all you people paying attention to this thread… looks around :expressionless: Basicially just added a lot of wrinkle things to the forehead and no their not supposto look like human wrinkles; mainly because its not human…
Added some more definition to his mouth area more edge loops and such and changed material.
Ok heres the pic’s

C and C is very very welcome. Oh and I’m thinking about adding hair but i’m not really sure if I should or not and if I do what type of hair should it be? Also eyelashes are on the way.

O and are these pictures to dark? my gamma is turned up alot so I dont know what everyone else sees.
scroll down

It loosk like a silouette with red eyes on my comp I’m afraid… it the outline looks interesting, but it would be nice to see more detail :wink:

Make the background colour gray and double the brightness of the lighting; I can’t see anything. :expressionless:

k it would have been nice if someone told me it was to dark before 'cause its fine on my comp but o well… brighter versions coming right up…