. . . and a rest is gone :)

. . . many Cycles in these days :slight_smile: Lightning and Rendering was the easiest part

To Download blend file visit BlendSwap

Hey that looks really good. Cycles is gonna rock!

well done!! but how did you crush the cans?

Awesome! I am making some cans myself, worked on them a little since this render here,

could you post the wires of the can, (as my topology around the top is a little messy) and tell me a little bit about how you made the greasy finger marks in cycles?
sorry to be so demanding but some description of how you ‘crushed’ the cans would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

once again, excellent work.

that´s s cool one

[QUOTE=vklidu;1859604]. . . many Cycles in these days :slight_smile: Lightning and Rendering was the easiest part :slight_smile:

Heyyy donde compro esa coca cola??
ajaj no no! es broma
Exelente muy lindo render.
Pregunta donde obtengo el nuevo motor cycles. ya es posible su descarga?

The crushed can looks really nice. I’d also like to see a wireframe. :slight_smile:

thanks for comments :slight_smile:
I crushed the can manually (that is why the can is hidden in a shade :slight_smile: I just rotate ends and for middle part I used sculpt tool. I was thinking about Cloth Modifier (or combining Fracture Script and Armature generator Script), but had no time to test it. So this is just my Golden Hands and things that you can’t see from render :slight_smile: If you see model closer it’s far from real :slight_smile:

Wire - I will post whole scene to BlendSwap. I have to clean the blend file first.

Greasy fingers - it’s a mix of two UV textures (not sure if screen helps, but how I said I will post blend with Cycles setup soon)

thankyou for explaination :slight_smile:

That is really cool! I like the dirty counter that it is sitting on, and I like how it has a little bit of soda on the rims. I know how easy it is to screw that up! Also, the fingerprints on the can is a really cool affect as well.

You can download file from BlendSwap. Zip file containes two blend files:

  • blend with scene done in 2.57 experimental build of Cycles renderer
  • blend with simple TinCan scene done in 2.49b

Visit BlendSwap for Download

note: all three Cans in 2.57 version are deformed

Sexy render mate. Pretty simple and attractive. Cycles is gonna be big :smiley: