And for the BMRT folks among us--Ayam 1.2 is out.

(MaceG) #1

It’s here.

(micabr) #2

Have you used this yet? I looked at the website it looks as though BMRT can be a little easier with this. Since I think that we all want a better render engine to use with Blender.

(kino) #3

i like Ayam but it’s a ‘alone’ application :frowning:
Anyone know a free 3DMF converter Linux or win ?


(MaceG) #4

Yeah, I’ve used it. But it’s a pain in the ass unless window focus follows the mouse. Pretty easy to do with linux, but I’ve not yet figured out how to do it in Windows (which I use).

(kino) #5

ther’s a powertweak for this search on MS site


(MaceG) #6


Forgot about having Tweak UI installed. Focus is shifting fine now.