And for your final wish?

This is something I created as a submission for Blenderart Magazine’s upcoming toon-themed issue. I hope they like it and you do too =)

Some details about this project have been posted here if anyone is interested:

Thank you for your interest in my work,


very nice as always. the only question ist how you did it :slight_smile: looking at your cgsociety page, atm. ^^

superb stuff…i especially liked the gold rings and the partially visible hands. One small point, i dont know if the eyes of the genie should have been focused on alaadin or not. Maybe this way it looks as if the genie has just come out and is busy seeing the world after so long and is yet to look at his new master. Nice small touch, gives much more character to the image.

Well, no one should have too much difficulty to interpret that one.
I like most the design of the character: the kind of toon shading that you developed for it, the tentacle like facial hair, the eyes!!! Nope, I definitely would not buy a used lamp from that guy, let alone revealing to him my most intimate wishes.
Alladin, is a bit rigid and conformist but that is exactly him isn’t it?

Thanks for showing.


oh my god it’s wizpig

very nice. but one question. have you considered using particles for that forground of smoke? I am just wondering how it would look w/ it.

other wise its pretty darn good… i am impressed that you did this w/o any post optimization.