and i give you animated normalmapped water

heres a .blend including a seamless baked normalmap water animation.
use it for anything you want, just dont claim its yours.
working link:


I dont think you packed the textues. Mine’s all black.

dammit all!
wait a sec and ill fiix it…

fixed, its in the first post now.
here too:

Wow, that’s nice water!!!

But I think it looks better on Coortorr than toon. :slight_smile:

yeah, yeah.
the important is the normal animations map.

It’s very realistic.

thanks, the cool about it is that i didnt use any mesh, i used a two different cloud textures made in the gimp and then did a whole lot of stuff.
anyway, i used this tut for it:

I hope this and VideoTexture work together :slight_smile:

yeah, so do i.
anyway, these animation maps are old, videoTexture is the way to go.

Thanks, konoha.

your welcome